As a continued effort to promote tungsten use as lead substitute, we, in partnership with Nice Shot� Inc, are proud to announce the availability of a superior, yet affordable lead alternative: the Nice Shot� Non-toxic Shot.

Nice Shot� is made from iron, tungsten and tin and is US Fish & Wildlife approved. The unlikely combination of tungsten (melting point = 3,422 °C) and tin (melting point = 231.93 °C) presents many engineering challenges. After years of hard work in research and development, we now succeed in producing a dense and pliable alloy that bears a close resemblance of lead without the toxicity. This alloy is also magnactically detectable.

Just Right and Simply Superior

Lead has a long history as shot material and is deeply ingrained in the engineering of shotguns. Many shotgun literatures pertain mainly to lead shot. From the engineering perspective, lead's density and malleability make it almost an ideal materials for shot -- except that it's too malleable. Lead pellets, particularly the rear end ones, when fired, tend to deform under the high pressure gas from the explosive inside the barrel. The deformed pellets are the culprits that interfere with the shot pattern in flight. Antimony is usually added to harden the lead shot for this reason.

Nice Shot� does not have such problem. It is designed to be as heavy as lead shot but a bit harder. Yet it is still pliable enough to pass through the choke constriction and the barrel smoothly without scratching. You don't need special wads or special load information. It works just like lead and performs much better.

In short, Nice Shot� is just right. It not only is an ideal non-toxic substitute for lead shot. It's designed to out-perform lead. It delivers:

� Optimal shot patterns
� Better penetrations
� Hard hitting energy transfer to give cleaner quicker kills

We offer Nice Shot� reloads sales by the pounds on our Online Store. We also welcome partnership with ammunition manufacturers and resellers. If you are interested, please contact us.


Nice Shot

Load Data

Nice Shot loads just like lead. We advocate lower the load slightly to give the shot even more energy. The "Reinventing Lead" in our "reload forum" blog discusses in depth regarding Nice Shot design and reload strategy. We welcome you to visit the blog and participate the discussions.

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