We invest heavily in many advanced equipments and testing instruments, such as ¦Õ750/¦Õ690 cold and hot isostatic pressing machine, the largest 2400ºC sintering furnace in China, large vacuum furnace, scanning electron microscopy, laser thermal conductivity apparatus and powder testing instruments etc.

We have many years of experiences and a wealth of knowledge in the production of the followings:

• PMed products of W or Mo and their alloys

• W or Mo machining products

• Ceramic hot-extrusion dies

• Electronic packaging materials and heat sinks

• Tungsten-copper (silver) composites

• Cemented carbide rollers

• Cemented carbides

• Target materials

• W-Re alloy wire for industrial thermocouple

• W-based heavy alloy products

• Industrial nozzles

• Metal Injection Molding (MIM) products

• Tungsten carbide sleeve bearings


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